The Murphreys in Georgia

This information comes from THE GEORGIANS (Genealogies of Pioneer Settlers) by Jeannette Holland Austin.
ROBERT MURPHY, b. 1790 N.C., removing to Pike Co. Ga. ca 1837, listed 1840 Pike Census, 1850 Fayette Co. Census, w., CASANDRA, b. 1797 N.C. Fayette Co. deed, 11/17/1849, ROBERT MURPHY bought from JOSIAH F. REEVES 202-1/2 acres, 4th d. Fayette Co, Lot 117. He also had deed transactions with his older children: JAMES P., JOSEPH H., ANDREW, ELIZABETH, and JOHN. Issue:

I. JOHN MURPHY, b. 1812 N.C., w., NANCY, b. 1820, S.C., issue: JOHN T., b. 1848, SARAH E., b. 1850 Fayette Co. Ga., m. NANCY HILL, 3/7/1846.

II. JOSEPH H. MURPHY, b. 1813 N.C., m. JANE MURPHY from S.C., 3/17/1850 Fayette Co. His LWT dtd 5/14/1861 Fayette Co, pvd 7/1861, names w. and ch. Issue: JOSEPH H., b. 1841 m. ADELLA DORMAN 12/20/1866, Fayette Co.; THOMAS M., b. 1845; SARAH REBECCA.

III. ANDREW MURPHY, b. 1814 N.C., w., MARY A., b. 1824 S.C., lived in Ala. in 1838, listed 1850 Fayette Co. Ga. Census. Issue: REBECCA, b. 1840; JAMES, b. 1842; SARAH A., b. 1844; NANCY, b. 1849, all Fayette Co.

IV. ANNIE MURPHY, b. 1815 N.C., m. ARTHUR ROBINSON, farmer, b. 1816 S.C. and had: JANE E., b. 1844; SARAH, b. 1846; MARY, b. 1848; LOUISA, b. 1850; MALISSA, b. 1853; MARGRETT, b. 1857; EMMA, b. 1860; SAMMY, b. 1863, all Fayette Co. Ga.

V. ELIZABETH MURPHY, b. ca 1818 N.C.

VI. JANE A. MURPHY, b. ca 1820 N.C., m. 1/23/1840 Pike Co., Ga., WILLIAM DUNN.

VII. JAMES P. MURPHY, b. 1824 N.C., w., MARTHA, listed 1850 Fayette Co. Ga. Census, m. MARTHA N. STUBBS 5/5/1850, Fayette Co. Ga.

VIII. CAROLINE MURPHY, b. 1827 N.C., m. THOMAS R. DUNN, 12/29/1850, Fayette Co. Ga.


X. WILLIAM MURPHY, b. 1833 N.C., m. SARAH ANN JARBES 3/21/1850 Fayette.



Fayette Co., Ga. Wills, 4/10/1850, pvd 5/7/1850, SIMON P. MURPHY names w., REBECCA, stating at her death his property to be "equally divided between my children." Fayette Returns, 1856-59, p. 216-7, paid out to: JOSEPH H., CHARLES P., MILES J., THOMAS E., JEPTHA M., in right of his wife; M. M. KENNEY; JOHN HUMPHREY; NATHAN EASTON, JOHN MILLS and CHARLOTTE R. MURPHY dtd 6/22/21857. NATHAN EASON (sic) m. UNITY A. MURPHY 4/16/1845 Fayette Co. Ga. JOHN HGUMPHREY m. AGNES E. MURPHY, 1/6/1848, Fayette Co. Ga.