The Murphreys in North Carolina

Death Certificates

This section contains information about death certificates located in the North Carolina State Archives. Eventually, a scanned copy of the certificate will be available by clicking on a name. Misspellings of names have been corrected to provide easier identification.

Joseph Murphrey

Name Code = M616
Age = 59
Vol. 230, page 269
Died 3/23/17
County = 52 (Jones County)
(Father was E. H. Murphy, buried in Murphy Graveyard, born Greene County)

Mollie A. Murphrey

Name Code = M610
Age = 69
Vol. D62, page 525
Died 5/24/13
County = 92 (Wake County)
(Father was Jas. Jones, mother was Elizabeth Cummiggim, both of Greene County)

William Henry Ragsdale

Name Code = 234
Age = 59
Vol. 23, page 128
Died 3/27/14
County = 74 (Granville County)

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