Research Sources

This section lists materials which have provided much of the information found in this web site.
"Historical Southern Families, Volume I" by John Bennett Boddie

"Early Virginia Immigrants (1623-1666)" by George Cabell Greer

"Cavaliers and Pioneers" by Nell Nugent

"Passengers and Immigrant Lists Index"

"Early Immigrants to Virginia (1623-1666)" by Michael J. O'Brien

"The Original Lists of Persons of Quality - Emmigrants" by John Camden Hotten

"Passengers to America: A Consolidation of Ship Passenger Lists" by Michael Tepper

"Bristol and America: A Record of the 1st Settlers" by R. S. Glover

"Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy, volume VI"

"Cemetary Book for Greene County" by Mary V. Kilpatrick

"Heritage of Craven County"

"North Carolina Ancestors"

"North Carolina Bible Records"

"Book of Will Indexes"

"Our Pioneer Heritage" by Pauline McDonald

"The Georgians (Genealogies of Pioneer Settlers)" by Jeannette Holland Austin

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